Whitby Specialist Vehicles

Ice Cream Vans play a part in everyone's life. Whether young or old, each and every individual has a fond ice cream memory.

Mobile Ice Cream Vans first appeared at the beginning of the 20th Century and have established themselves firmly in today's society.

Ice Cream Vans offer you the flexibility of vending in a variety of locations allowing you to take the ice cream to the people. And you are not just limited to ice cream; these custom built vans allow you to sell the exact products your customers want.

Whitby Morrison are the world's leading manufacturer of Ice Cream Vehicles; established by Bryan Whitby in 1962 in the UK, our products have been exported to 60 countries around the world. A dedicated team of the UK's finest craftsmen ensure that Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Trucks are the finest available in the world today.

The Whitby Morrison factory is purpose-built with separate moulding, fabrication, refrigeration, vehicle build, paint spray and finishing facilities. Confidential research and development is conducted in our own independent design centre. As the demands of the market develop, so does the capacity for innovation and level of in-house ability. Ice Cream Vehicles are the core product of Whitby Morrison, alongside Trailer Kiosks and Tricycles.

Today, Bryan's son Stuart is Managing Director and in 2005 Bryan's eldest Grandson, Ed, became the first from a third generation of the Whitby family to join the Company. These three generations and their workforce continue their work together, with that same belief:

"we produce the very best, or we produce nothing at all"