working at whitby morrison

As a world leader, here at Whitby Morrison we employ some of the UK's finest and most respected craftsmen. The purpose-built factory where production takes place offers facilities that allow for both the traditional methods of years gone-by and 21st Century operations to be incorporated into the build process.

Many of the staff have worked with Whitby Morrison since completing their formal education, with several having completed upwards of 25 and even 30 years continuous service. Of course it is these skills that have been developed and passed down to enable Whitby Morrison to become the success that it is today.

All levels of production are undertaken within the Whitby Morrison factory. This begins with Chassis Preparation and Body Manufacture, moving through to the Fabrication and Metalwork, then onto the Refrigeration and Coach Building stages before being Hand-Painted, Signwritten and fully Tested in readiness for selling Ice Cream!

As you can see, a huge variety of skills are required across the production spectrum, and with every product bespoke and hand-built there is always something new to look at. That is why Whitby Morrison is a natural career choice for those looking to work within a progressive and hands-on company.

The success of Whitby Morrison can be simply attributed to the dedication, hard-work and forward thinking of the entire team since being founded in 1962. Every individual is entitled to an opinion and ideas from product development through to a possible livery design are always welcomed!


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