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Ice Cream Vans are responsible for creating many fond memories in young and old alike, that's why people associate them with the feel-good factor. There is something about an Ice Cream Van that, when ideally combined with sunshine and warm weather, people have to smile!

We receive many requests each year to ask if we can supply an Ice Cream Van for a person's wedding or private party. Unfortunately we cannot always help out but on occasions when we can, we will do our best to support the event.

Local charities are often neglected in favour of the larger ones when people are looking for a cause to support. That is why several times each year, Whitby Morrison choose to donate the use of a van from the Heritage Collection complete with stock for the duration of the event - donating the proceeds to the charity in due course.

Another cause keenly supported by Whitby Morrison is that of local schools. At a time where over-zealous authorities are keen to highlight ice cream as a cause of childhood obesity, Whitby Morrison see it as part of their duty to educate people as to the benefits of Ice Cream.

Each year, Whitby Morrison will provide a working Soft Ice Cream Van to various school events. The investment here is clear; by educating schools that Ice Cream Vans are safe and the products they offer can be eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet then we are some way to safeguarding the future of Ice Cream Mobiling. Furthermore, the future of staff Whitby Morrison will be being currently taught within these schools and it is our belief that by demonstrating that a unique world leader is based in the town, it will provide the children with a future to aspire to.


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