television and film

Ice Cream Vans play a part in everybody's life at some stage, therefore it is only natural that film and television companies often seek to incorporate them in their story lines. The Whitby Morrison Heritage Collection offers the perfect solution for almost all Ice Cream Van-related features, with vans, tricycles and horse-drawn cart from the 1900s through to the present day.

We are open to discussion for any Television and Film opportunity, which will promote the positive element of the Ice Cream Industry. Recent projects undertaken include;

Heartbeat: The classic 1960s ITV drama featured the Facchino Morris J Type from the Whitby Morrison Heritage Collection. It was included as part of a major storyline where two of the main characters look to bring something new and exciting to the village and make some money at the same time. The vehicle was aged in appearance using coffee powder to transform the J Type into how it would have appeared at the time.

Shameless: Channel 4's comedy drama set on the outskirts of Manchester featured a Whitby Morrison Giovanni Trike. The story was centred on one of the younger characters bringing prosperity and happiness into the area and chose to do this by holding a beach party (in the middle of a council estate) whilst giving away ice cream.

News media: Ice Cream Van related stories occur several times each year, usually the warmer summer months. It is at this time where an Ice Cream Man's time is most precious and therefore he is often reluctant to give up his van in favour of selling cool treats. This is where Whitby Morrison can help out. With ready-access to a whole range of Ice Cream Vans, Trailers and Tricycles from the 1900s to the present day we can provide the perfect setting, and of course balanced argument.

Gridiron UK: An American Football film which is due to be filmed and screened during 2010. Based on a true story, the whole feature will be based in Crewe during the early 1980s; therefore it is only correct that it should include a Whitby Morrison Ice Cream Van.


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