50 years of ice cream vehicles

In 1999, Whitby Morrison combined forces with leading transport publishers Trans-Pennine to bring together this unique edition of Fifty Years of Ice Cream Vehicles. Written by Stuart Whitby and the late Alan Earnshaw, It has been produced to chart the remarkable progress that has developed in Mobiling in the second half of the 20th Century.

Containing many fascinating illustrations, including many in colour, we tell the history of Mobiling like never before. Building on the great traditions of these 50 years, Whitby Morrison progress through the new millennium as the world's leading manufacturer of ice cream vehicles.

Nearly all old 'mobile' manufacturing firms have now ceased trading and significant events were in danger of being forgotten. So this book was designed to tell the remarkable story of the industry, and the way that it has developed to the modern hygienic vehicle we build today.

Told with kind assistance of those who have worked over a considerable period of time we consider this fascinating subject from both the vehicle builders' and ice cream retailers' experience.


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