heritage restoration

Here at Whitby Morrison we endeavour to fully restore several heritage ice cream vans from our own collection on an annual basis. From time to time we are approached by some of our customers (and fellow enthusiasts) with a view to restoring a vehicle on their behalf.

Projects undertaken in recent years have varied from simply repainting and sign writing a vehicle to fully stripping it to it's bare chassis and rebuilding from scratch. One thing is for sure; they are completed to a standard better than they have ever seen before. Of course, many of these ice cream vans are restored in order to operate fully and sell ice cream once more. Therefore it is imperative that they are completed to the highest quality performance as well as quality appearance.

The many heritage restoration projects undertaken by Whitby Morrison clearly demonstrates that ice cream vans continue to show their charm and appeal and that no matter how old they may be, there remains a demand for their services.


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