heritage vehicle collection

Ice Cream Vans are an iconic part of the Great British heritage and are likely to have played a role in each and everyone's lives in one way or another. Indeed, today's modern vehicles continue to rekindle fond memories in young and old alike.

Whitby Morrison recognise the national importance of preserving our heritage. Since 1998 Whitby have restored numerous ice cream vans from the past 90 years to a 'better than new' condition, complete with working soft ice cream machinery and refrigeration.

We are always keen to assist people in undertaking such restoration projects. In our collection, we currently have in excess of 50 ice cream vans, tricycles and even a horse-drawn cart from the past 70 years in various conditions.

It is unlikely that you will find a collection as unique as this anywhere throughout the world, which is why we are pleased to offer a selection of our vehicles for hire for selective marketing, promotional and periodical roles. Recent projects we have supported include the Goodwood revival and the ITV series Heartbeat.

In the long term we envisage putting our fantastic collection together and opening the world's first Ice Cream Van museum - something that everybody will be able to relate to, and of course enjoy!


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