licensing and insurance

In the 21st Century, licensing and insurance are two major importances' that occur in almost all walks of life. Of course Mobiling is certainly no different and it is therefore extremely important that you have the correct policies and understandings.

To sell ice cream in public you must have a valid Public Liability insurance certificate and the correct Mobiler's license, which can be issued by your local council. You should also have additional food handling and health and safety qualifications in addition.

Please note that individual licensing requirements can vary from council to council. Whitby Morrison offer the above information as a guide only and cannot be held responsible for any problems or misunderstandings which may occur. Should you have any queries then please contact your local council for further advice.

With regard to insurance, there are several companies who are able to offer Ice Cream Van-specific insurance products. Should you require any advice or contact details then please give us a call.


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