High performance soft ice cream freezers produced exclusively for Whitby Morrison, by Carpigiani in Italy.

Working closely together, Whitby Morrison and Carpigiani have combined their technologies to develop the latest range of high output soft ice cream freezers.

These high performance machines are simply powered via a power take off from the vehicles engine. The Whitby Morrison patented Direct Drive System (DDS) was developed by Bryan Whitby in the early 1960s.

Through the use of various pulleys and an electromagnetic clutch system, the machine can be continually operated whilst the vehicles engine remains running at idle - very fuel-efficient. This again eliminates the requirement for any generator power and ensures the machine remains constantly available for serving - unlike electric machines, which often require lag time to refreeze.

The DDS continues to revolutionise ice cream mobiling industry; it allows you to take the ice cream to the people, no matter where they may be.

For indoor or special events where vehicle emissions may limit serving possibilities, an electric motor drive is available. This allows the Carpigiani soft ice cream machine to operate in the same simple way as using the DDS yet mains electricity rather than vehicle engine powers the motor.


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