The Whitby Morrison Picolo Trailer is one of our latest designs. It is the middle product between with the 4 lid freezer positioned in an ice cream van or trailer and that of the holdover tricycle itself.

But it offers so much more than that...

The Whitby Morrison Picolo Trailer is perfect for operations in restricted areas where a van or trailer may be inappropriate and a tricycle or cart too small to satisfy consumer demand. In addition, the Picolo is ideally suited as an extra sales unit to compliment an existing pitch.

This attractive sales unit features a fully insulated 3-lid holdover freezer. This is perfect for selling both scooped and impulse ice cream. The complex Whitby Morrison refrigeration system will allow between 12 and 18 hours selling time following an overnight charge.

The unit features a fully adjustable solid canopy, enhancing the image. This can be lowered securely during transit. A tow bar is also included; this can be removed to generate the image of a static unit.

A further development of this idea led to the creation of the Picolo Soft. Winner of the ICA Best New Product Award 2007, this trailer allows you to offer freshly made soft ice cream in areas where restrictions prevent a van operating, yet still benefit from the throughput of a van model machine.

The electric motor driven base enables the high performance VAN model Carpigiani soft ice cream machine to be powered simply from a 13A plug.

The Picolo Soft also features separate frozen and chilled compartments allowing other stock to be stored in addition to the mix for the machine. A fully insulated water tank and stainless steel sinks complete the design.

The layout of both Picolo trailers is fully customisable and can be adapted to suit your individual requirements.


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