bespoke vehicles

Every Whitby Morrison vehicle is bespoke in the fact that its hand built to the exact requirement of each individual customer. However, we are often asked if we can build something a little out of the ordinary.

Since being established in 1962, the Whitby name has become recognised as the best within the industry. The experience and skills of the staff ensures that any realistic bespoke vehicle dream can be turned into reality. This is perfectly demonstrated by Companies from outside the ice cream industry, entrusting Whitby Morrison with unique projects.

Recent examples of this bespoke work include a promotional hot drinks vehicle for Yorkshire Tea and a large hot food and coffee unit for a southern-based operation.

A fleet of delivery vehicles complete with hydraulic tail lift are manufactured annually for Champion Bakers, Chatwins, who are based in nearby Nantwich.

These are just a few examples of the many bespoke vehicles Whitby Morrison have manufactured.

The Whitby design team are always open to new ideas and enjoy a challenge. But of course, you can feel confident that no matter what you're looking for the end product will be the very best available.


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