Through the skills and experience of their craftsmen, Whitby Morrison have the capacity to convert any chassis into the exact mobiling unit you require, whether vending ice cream or something a little different.

Of course it'd be great for everyone if we could all start with something completely brand new but sometimes that is not always possible. That's why Whitby Morrison are pleased to offer a conversions to your own chassis service.

Primarily, Whitby Morrison work with either the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or Chevrolet Express when converting a customer chassis. By supplying their own unit for conversion, the customer is removing the cost of a brand new chassis whilst still receiving a top of the range Whitby Morrison or Cummins product.

On occasion we have converted other vehicles to suit customer requirements, recent examples include the Volkswagen, Land Rover, GMC, Renault and LDV.

As with all Whitby Morrison and Cummins model vehicles, the final design remains fully customisable and can be adapted and built to the exact requirements of the customer.


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