cummins mk25

The Cummins Mk 25 brings up to date the very best features of traditional ice cream vans throughout. As the Mk 25 name suggests, this body has a long history. With the benefits of continuous improvement this latest Cummins design is now perfectly positioned for the 21st Century.

The Mk 25 bodywork is constructed using the very latest fibreglass moulding techniques - this ensures optimum performance and long life, with minimum weight bearing on the chassis. Stainless steel body mounting brackets also ensure optimum performance and long life.

The latest fully moulded cab finishers allow for the addition of a storage facility. Fully moulded surrounds to all freezer lid and door apertures completes this updated interior finish.

Typically Cummins, the Mk 25 is fully customisable with a variety of laminate colours and stainless steel designs to choose from. This allows the Mobiler to specify a truly bespoke design for their individual application.