whitby millennium

The Whitby Millennium is exactly as the names suggests; body styling for the 21st Century. A sleek and pleasantly streamlined exterior compliments the shape of the Ford Transit perfectly.

The unique Whitby styled window emphasises the attractive lines of the Millennium bodywork. The reduced rear section glass compliments the interior for easy cleaning. And of course this window design provides the largest possible serving opening. There are many other window options available with; something to suit the needs of every Mobiler.

The Millennium bodywork design also allows for an optional rear compartment and access door. This can be used to locate condensing units or our latest optional Power Packs. Beneath this one-piece exterior bodywork skin, stainless steel body mounting brackets ensure optimum strength and longevity.

The fully moulded interior with hidden fixings ensures that the Millennium is extremely easy to clean. The structure of the roof lining features an integral front storage cupboard. All in all, it represents a fantastic working environment further demonstrating the modern image and performance of this vehicle.