cummins mondial

The Mondial has been specially developed for the 5th series of the Mercedes Sprinter. In previous years there has always been two separate branded bodies; the Whitby and the Cummins.

The Mondial is so good that there is now just one; it features an amalgamation of the best two brands demonstrating the key characteristics of each. Of course, the Mondial is customisable and today's Mobiler continues to have the option of the distinctive features of both Whitby and Cummins.

The Cummins Mondial is a perfect example of the very best of traditional styling presented in a modern way, demonstrating perfectly the nostalgic character of ice cream vans from years gone by.

The crowned roof above the driver is typically Cummins and compliments the Sprinter cab area perfectly. The louvre name panels follow suit; clear and bold signage has long been synonymous with Cummins design.

These traditional Cummins bodywork features allow the Mondial to work with the Sprinter perfectly - it really looks like a complete vehicle.

Again, the importance of the window options is perfectly catered for; the Cummins styled full-length rectangular window arrangement continues to be a highly popular choice. It enables full access to the serving area and works perfectly with the interior.

Cummins styled laminate and stainless interior finishes offer the Mobiler 21st Century quality fittings whilst retaining the traditional character of a Cummins Ice Cream Van. The arrangements of such are fully customisable and therefore allow you the flexibility to have the vehicle layout exactly as you want it.