whitby mondial

The Mondial has been specially developed for the 5th series of the Mercedes Sprinter. In previous years there has always been two separate branded bodies; the Whitby and the Cummins.

The Mondial is so good that there is now just one; it features an amalgamation of the best two brands demonstrating the key characteristics of each. Of course, the Mondial is customisable and today's Mobiler continues to have the option of the distinctive features of both Whitby and Cummins.

The Whitby Mondial demonstrates the sleek modern design often associated with Whitby products. The rear section of the body is typical; high-level rear lighting featuring the very latest LED technology.

The rear bumper section continues with the modern trend; adapted and significantly reduced in size, it really emphasises the 21st century image of this body. The main rear lights are moulded within the bodywork itself and are supplied by Mercedes. As well as this, the rear of the body now features the Mercedes badge adding further prestige to the vehicle.

The serving windows are a very important part of any Ice Cream Vehicle. That's why here at Whitby Morrison we carry a huge range of options. The Whitby design features a reduced rear panel; this compliments the 1-piece fully moulded interior perfectly. With maximised serving opening, this has become a highly popular option for today's Mobiler.

The beauty of all Whitby Morrison vans is that each is a unique and bespoke build. The Whitby Mondial features a fully moulded 1-piece GRP interior; a seamless and perfect finish. Despite this, it remains fully customisable and can be easily adapted to your specific requirements. Perfect for today's forward thinking Mobiler.